Barley Brown’s Brewery, Baker City, Oregon

Must I spend four nights a week here?

Barley Brown's Brew Pub

Baker City is lacking clean, non-smoking eateries. Barley Brown’s is the nicest place to go in Baker City, with great food, excellent beer, and really friendly service. Whitey and I have found that it’s the only place that we want to go to since settling in to our new town. My favorite thing on the menu is the Eggplant Parmesean — really, really good. I also like the Chicken Dijon Pasta, served with a crusty slice of garlic bread.

We met my dad there tonight for appetizers and brews. We ordered a Quesadilla with papaya salsa, dad had the wings. He wasn’t crazy about the Hot Wings, though. Said they were boiled and lacking flavor or texture. Our Quesadilla was fantastic, and of course, the beer was beyond delicious.

The bar is very inviting, and the bartenders (Cathy or Nicole) are very friendly. We’ve really come to love our local brewpub.

We were able to get two empty growlers filled with the Tumble Off Pale Ale and my favorite, the winter brew, Sled Wreck. I’m sending them off with my dad tomorrow morning. He’s going to leave them at his house for my friend Jon who writes the Brew Site

Hope you love the beer, Jon!

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2 Responses to Barley Brown’s Brewery, Baker City, Oregon

  1. Jon says:

    For the trouble you’ve gone through to get me a growler, I’d love the beer even if I didn’t. :)

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