Chocolate Potato Chips

Yes, it sounds very, very wrong.

Chocolate-flavored potato chips are like deep fried ice cream and Rib-Eye-steak-flavored bubble gum. It just doesn’t sound right.

Yet, you’re curious enough that you’d buy it at least once, just to try it.

That’s what I did with these Aztec Chocolate Chips. Kettle Foods has a contest every year for their new flavor, and it’s won by public vote. The winning flavor is put on the shelves of your local grocery store, just like “Spicy Thai” is now. Spicy Thai won last year by an Oregonian contestant, by the way.

Anyway, Kettle Chips had the following finalists:

  • Royal Indian Curry
  • Dragon 5 Spice
  • Indian Jerk
  • Twisted Chili Lime
  • Aztec Chocolate

The winner has since been announced: Indian Jerk. You’ll start seeing it at your local grocery store in the Fall.

However, Kettle Chips is offering the chance to try all of the final products. For only $14.95, you get a bag of each of the flavors, and a CD titled “A Taste of Putumayo: Music for Every Palate: world music sampler CD”. The CD was so eclectic and inspiring – it alone was worth the fifteen bucks.

But the chocolate potato chips. That’s why I’m here.

I cannot explain these chips. They aren’t too sweet, and aren’t strange like I had anticipated. They have a super spicy aftertaste that would scare your young children, yet taste just like an authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate while you’re eating them. They’re really, really good, and I’ve only had a handful of them.

I’m going to open all of the bags of chips for Super Bowl. I don’t think that I’ll like the winner, “Island Jerk”, better than the Aztec Chocolate, though.

Kettle Chips

If you’re curious, order a box for yourself, before they run out. Five bags of chips and a really great CD for under $15 (includes shipping), plus the novelty of having one-of-a-kind potato chips. Well worth it for your next get-together.


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One Response to Chocolate Potato Chips

  1. liz says:

    i’m with you. the chocolate deserved to win!!!

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