Baker City’s loss

16-year-old Baker City resident died early Sunday morning after apparently driving off the road after skidding on ice while on I-84. It has been reported that Mayce Collard was not wearing a seat-belt, and was thrown from the car as it rolled over and landed in a nearby field. Her passenger, who was reportedly wearing a seat-belt, was taken to our local hospital and is going to be okay, if only physically. Emotionally, this will scar her for the rest of her life.

During Mayce’s funeral today, people were spilling out into the street in front of the Catholic church. So many cars, hundreds of people, and then seeing her home a block away, covered in balloons, photos, stuffed animals, flowers….   what a terrible loss for her family and friends, and this community.

From all accounts in our local newspaper, as well as people we’ve spoken to since this tragic accident, Mayce was a bright, beautiful, charismatic, and intelligent young woman. She was everyone’s friend, and her death has made quite an impact on this small town.

Mayce’s obituary brought me to tears, and I had never met her. Imagine what an impact she must have had on other people’s lives.

Please. Please wear your seat-belt. Insist that everyone in your car wear a seat-belt. Explain to your kids the importance of a seat-belt. Accidents will always happen, but if we can be just that much safer it’s worth the effort.

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One Response to Baker City’s loss

  1. Mary Collard says:

    I am Mayce’s mother. I am not even sure what this forum is, how I got here, or why a complete stranger (I am assuming) would post something about my daughter on here. But I appreciate the kind comments and your respect for my family.

    The statement should be not just wear your seatbelt, where it correctly. Sammi, Mayce’s passenger,stated their conversation before leaving Taco Bell (which every friend echoes that she said EVERYTIME) that Mayce said and did her token “Buckle up for Safetly!”. There is no doubt in my mind that she was wearing her seatbelt although maybe it did not click completely. We have chosen not to find out the details as they will not bring our princess back to us. We can only take solice in knowing that at least one life has been saved and the number of people who’s lives she touched in her short 16 years will hopefully pay forward in many years to come. We can also only hope and pray that the city of Baker and the Movie Theatre owner might consider this important enough to come to a solution to safely re-open the movie theatre so that no one will be on the roads just for the sake of wanting to see a show, when we have a perfectly great building that with additions, could serve us all. .Thank you

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