Mmmmm. Pizza.

We tried out the “samples” that we received yesterday, and were happy to find that we loved how our crust turned out. The flour is locally-made, and so we’re pleased that such a top-quality ingredient could be found while also supporting Eastern Oregon. We’re trying to purchase as many ingredients as we can find within a 100-mile radius. Given, there are certain items that we are just unable to find locally. However, I feel that we need to support our area by shopping locally as much as possible. Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart — they might as well have a “Made in China” sticker under their logos! If we are able to find every piece of equipment, every menu ingredient, every sign in our restaurant…. if we are able to purchase these items from a local company, we will.

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One Response to Mmmmm. Pizza.

  1. Jana says:

    Yea to local food!!! There is a link on my blog to calculate your carbon footprint. Then there is a place to see where you can make changes in it. Food is by far the biggest for us. Biking more, walking more, don’t really do that much. I was just amazed at the difference in the food.

    I bought a bag of bread flour last night, I am going to give that a whirl next time we make pizza. Imagine bread flour for bread.

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