Sumpter Oregon Flea Market

MIL and I drove to Sumpter on Saturday to shop at the flea market. It’s held three times a year – Memorial Day, Independance Day, and Labor Day. It was MIL’s first time driving in a convertible, and the weather was perfect!

Sumpter Valley Flea Market

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We arrived first thing in the morning, so as not to have to deal with as many people. We knew exactly what we were looking for, and were on a mission. MIL wanted to find an alpaca sweater, similar to one I had bought here a year ago. I wanted to buy homemade jalapeno and habanero jams that we had bought previously. They are SO good on anything you put on the grill. Sticky, spicy, and sweet.

Smoked Turkey Legs

Giant Turkey Legs
These turkey legs were gigantic. Watching someone eat one was hysterical!

Sumpter Oregon Flea Market

Sumpter, Oregon

Sumpter is a very small town with dirt and gravel roads. It tends to get very dusty.

Sumpter Hunting Cabin

Sumpter Flea Market

Nice Cock

Bucket of Scissors
This guy had to have gotten this from working airport security, wouldn’t you think? A box of random cuticle scissors…

Wooden Signs
I loved these  signs. I’ll bet I could make some great ones for the pizzeria with homemade slogans….

Gold by the Inch
I wish I could’ve gotten a photo of JD. Okay, just imagine what he looks like. A guy that owns GOLD BY THE INCH obviously wears chains. Lots and lots of chains.

Sumpter, Oregon Flea Market

Sumpter Helicopter Rides

Sumpter Valley, Oregon

Pig Barbeque Grill
A pig grill unto which you can cook your pig. And it’s pink. What every carnivore needs.

Lots of Dogs
Look at how cute this couple is, and how huge their dogs are. How many dogs can you see? Two?

Try again…

White Dogs

We saw everything there was to see in about an hour, bought the alpaca sweater and the habanero jellies, and cruised home in 70 degree weather.  It’s a beautiful 25 mile drive from Baker City, and we’ll probably do it again for the next flea market. MIL now wishes she had bought two sweaters – at least we know they’ll be back.

Sumpter Home Page

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