Why I Love Baker City

I used to read the police press releases when they came across the fax machine at KTVZ, curious about the criminal activity going on in Bend – especially around my neighborhood. I’d see the names of people I knew (or knew of) getting arrested for DUIs, or having been the victim of a petty theft. It used to be a rarity to see a stabbing, meth lab, or marijuana-grow operation.

I still read the Bend & Redmond police logs (although the Sheriff’s logs are now private) and whereas I used to recognize a name every other day, now, the people mentioned are all strangers to me.

Since moving to Baker, I try to read the local police logs every morning after I scan our local newspaper. I’ve learned, very quickly, that not much goes on in this town. It’s no wonder the newspaper is such a pleasant read.

So now, I present to you, Why I Love Baker City:

5/31/2007  11:10  Dry Creek Cutoff Road
Dispatch received a report of a cow caught in a cattle guard
Deputy Ash responded and cleared

5/31/2007  15:26  Valley Street at the Bridge
Dispatch received a call to report a cat with his head in a can.
Sgt Yeaton and 3 young boys responded and saved the cat from the can.

5/31/2007  16:21  Geiser Pollman Park
Dispatch received a report of a found item.

5/31/2007  17:35  C Street off of Cedar
Dispatch received a report of a dog at large

So, after helping the neighborhood cow, a cat stuck in a can, and someone turning in a found item, the cops were called about a loose dog. 

Not a bad gig, being a cop in Baker.

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