So. Hot. Can’t. Breathe.

It was 95 degrees here in Baker today.

High-Desert HOT!

I’ve never lived in a home with a basement, and now I understand how incredibly important they are to the mental and physical well-being of someone living in a hot climate.

As I walk down the stairs, the air temperature drops ten degrees with every step. I would guess it was 60 degrees downstairs today, while upstairs it was 84. I didn’t even bother going outside after I saw the thermometer displaying the outside temperature.

Basement Stairs

We have a pretty nice set-up downstairs, with the big-screen tv, “Man Fridge”, and walk-in pantry. Everything is so comfortable, and during the hotter days, it makes it a nice dungeon to relax in.

Our BasementOur Basement

….and a photo of Whitey’s favorite fridge:

The Man Fridge

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