Hiking in Baker County, Oregon

Yesterday, we rallied my MIL and the three of us went on a hike up near Anthony Lakes. I was inspired by a fellow blogger who recently quit his job, sold his home and most of his posessions, just so that he could travel the United States and see those sights that you and I experience daily. I found his online journal by a simple search for hiking in Baker City…. and I’ve really enjoyed his blog — check it out HERE

Whitey, his mom & I started at the campground area of Anthony Lakes, and headed for Black Lake. We trekked up to the water, then talked MIL into doing the hike to Hoffer Lake as well. The entire journey was a little under five and a half miles, and we truly enjoyed every inch. Well, up until I sprained my ankle fifty feet away from the car. Go figure.

If you have two-hundred and ten seconds to spare, please enjoy the slideshow I’ve made of our travels near Anthony Lakes, Baker County, Oregon.

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One Response to Hiking in Baker County, Oregon

  1. Jana says:

    After the cows at the beginning–Does Grandma live on a farm? I didn’t know grandma lived on a farm!–The little ones liked watching! Iespecially liked the shot of her at the end relaxing with the top down.

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