Avril Lavigne vs. The Rubinoos

Pop star Avril Lavigne is begin sued by 70’s band The Rubinoos.

They claim that Ms. Lavigne copied their lyrics and song style for her latest hit “Girlfriend”.

She, of course, denies this. After listening to the songs, side by side, they are very similar in lyrics and tempo. Almost strangely similar.

Do you think so? And do you agree that The Rubinoos have a right to sue over the similarity?

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2 Responses to Avril Lavigne vs. The Rubinoos

  1. lissa says:

    no, the tempo of the two songs are not the same. Avrils is way upbeat while the other’s is slower. yes both of them say “hey hey i want to be you _________”
    but its not the same. AT ALL.

  2. Danielle says:

    Ok, I have listened to like ten different match ups of the songs and I do not hear it at all. I mean ok yeah like lissa said they have one same line, but personally I think the whole thing is stupid. I am older than Avril, and I am with her when she says that I have never even heard that song before.

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