Spinning Girl Illusion

This is driving me INSANE!

I first saw this on eMusings and was intrigued, yet when I shared it with Whitey it baffled me even moreso. He cannot see the girl change directions. Ever. Never. Even when I try to help him by saying out loud “Heel, Toe, Heel, Toe” to train his eye to see it differently.

It’s infuriating!

Can you see her change directions? Which way does she spin for you? Stare at her shadow — does she change direction for you?

Spinning Girl Illusion

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9 Responses to Spinning Girl Illusion

  1. Dave Goodman says:

    It’s watching the shadow of her circling foot that does it for me. (Switches her direction in my mind, I mean.)

  2. Misha says:


  3. Karen says:

    I watched her face and ponytail for a long time, and she didn’t move until I moved my focus to another part. Once I stared at her feet/legs/shadow, she switched. The fun part is watching her hips. It seemed then that she did half turns, switching back and forth between clockwise and counter clockwise.


  4. Deltasierra says:

    I couldn’t see her change direction at all, but when I scroll down, the image slows. I slowly scrolled up and down, and finally saw her go the other way!

    Weird. 🙂 But, I always saw the “Magic Eye” pictures inside-out.

    After that, I could watch the shadow of her foot and see her change direction.

  5. Darren says:

    I had to really concentrate and think about which leg she was standing on. That changed her direction every time. Infuriating at first, headache afterwards. Thanks for the mental exercise!

  6. zheng says:

    walao!i can see the girl change direction!

  7. Geoff says:

    Is this a joke? She’s definitely turning CCW, as viewed from above. The shadow of her foot makes it unambiguous… Is this some kind of emperor’s-new-clothes psych experiment? Sorry to be a wet blanket, but there’s no illusion here.

    At least they gave her good knockers.

  8. c-dogg says:

    I can see this girl change, i can even sometimes make her change by moving my right and left hand, and or, foot. try it, it only works sometimes though.


  9. davidson says:

    I find if I do several ‘hard blinks’ over a couple of seconds she turns the other way.

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