WOO HOO! Construction!

Standing in our building, watching people actually doing demolition and punching holes in the walls…. it was amazing! When we pulled up to the building for a meeting with our equipment rep, there were at least seven pick-up trucks parked out front, a huge dumpster, and a porta-potty.

What a beautiful sight! A PORTA-POTTY!!!!   Finally, finally, finally.

My folks are in town, and we invited them and MIL over for dinner. I made Copper River salmon with a teriyaki ginger crust, tri-colored cous cous, and a spinach salad with red onions, mushrooms, cranberries, and toasted macadamia nuts with a raspberry pecan vinagrette. DELICIOUS! We sat outside for dinner, drank wine, and watched the sky turn pink. I then brought out chocolate and coconut covered strawberries and some dessert wine, and we listened to my dad play guitar while we attempted to sing along.

We are incredibly fortunate, and life is pretty * pretty good.

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