Search Topics for Untrained Pro with OCD

What is WRONG with you people?!??

I just viewed the search topics that lead people to this blog – and I feel that I should directly answer your searches. I’m here to help. 

are bend oregon’s transplants happy they (I have no idea if Bend Oregon’s transplants are happy)

“Ray, the guy that sells me beer” (I don’t know Ray, the guy that sells you beer)

I love my husband because (I love my husband because he’s honest, kind, funny….)

Fungus Among us, St Louis (The fungus among us in St. Louis is the misery of the hot Summers)

urinating in public (is gross)

celebrities with OCD (Don’t they all have some form or another of OCD?)

dead feet (What? WHY?)

kenny rogers cheater (You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…)

bend oregon non-outdoorsy people? (they usually stay indoors)

i love my marine’s purses (Don’t ask, don’t tell)

Ugly White Babies (What the ??? How did this search bring you here?)


Freaks. All of you.

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