Typos + OCD + Me

In the 6th grade, I would bring a red pen to class with me just to circle typos that I found on tests given by our teacher. She must have hated me.

By the 8th grade, my FAVORITE TEACHER OF ALL TIME, Mrs. Reyes (at Kailua Intermediate), “hired” me as a teacher’s aide and I would help to search for typos on homework turned in for her English class.

Typos annoy me, and yet please me, all at once. I love finding a typo in an advertisement or in a newspaper.

So imagine my giddiness upon finding the front page of Yahoo tonight:

Yahoo TYPO



Alright. It was probably an innocent oversight, and not an outright typo, but it’s YAHOO!

I’ll sleep well tonight.

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One Response to Typos + OCD + Me

  1. Jen Jen says:

    Oh, you know Mrs. Logasa loved us all! Mrs. Kama on the other hand…..

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