2007 Outstanding Commercial Emmy Nominations

For those of you that don’t know, I used to work in advertising. I’ve always been interested in copy-writing and production; the Creative side of campaigns. Working on the Sales side of things somewhat limited me, however, it didn’t stop me from sticking my nose into businesses business. I’d pitch my own radio scripts, ads I had personally designed for yellow pages, direct-mail or newspaper, even write a commercial for the smallest of businesses when I worked in television. What a bossy know-it-all.

That being said, I have no tolerance for bad ads. Sometimes, I re-do print ads and anonymously send them to the business that is being advertised. (See? Bossy.) Given, creativity is unlimited if you have unlimited funds. With enough money, you can eventually get your message out through humor or image advertising. If you’re on a budget, though, it’s a bit more difficult. Still, please realize that I’m not going to rush out and buy your $20 steak dinner if you offer me a free soda. That’s just lame.

Moving on…

The 2007 Outstanding Commercial Emmy nominations were released, and obviously, creativity was unlimited. If you have a DVR (or Ti-Vo) like we do, though, you probably haven’t even seen them.

These are the nominations for Outstanding Commercial… personally, I like “Animals” and “Jar”.

Videos after the jump

Animals – American Express
Hungry Man, Production Company
Ogilvy Mather, Ad Agency

Battle – Cingular
BBDO New, Ad Agency
Park Pictures, Production Company

Happiness Factory – Coca Cola
Wieden Kennedy, Ad Agency
Psyop Production, Production Company

Jar – GE
BBDO New, Ad Agency
Traktor Production, Production Company

Pinball – Pepsi
Partizan Entertainment, Production Company
BBDO New, Ad Agency

Singing Cowboy – Truth
Arnold and, Ad Agency
MJZ Production, Production Company

Snowball – Travelers
Fallon Ad, Ad Agency
MJZ Production, Production Company

Entire list of nominees found here

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One Response to 2007 Outstanding Commercial Emmy Nominations

  1. Kasey G. says:

    I like “Animals”, “Jar” and “Happiness Factory” is pretty cute!

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