Fish n’ Flush

We spent almost two hours trying to replace our toilet seat today. The wooden seat clashed terribly with the white porcelain commode, and had probably been on there for three-hundred years. The bolts were rusted solid, and we ended up having to use a hack saw to cut through a bolt. It was worth it, though, as now I look at my toilet with love… just like my 21st birthday.

And on that note… here’s a commode that’s blog-worthy:

Fish Tank Toilet

Sad little fishes, having to view rear ends over and over and over.

Gives whole new meaning to cleaning the fish bowl, eh?

Fish n' Flush

Although, some users have become very creative with their new-found platform of decor:

Amphibian Toilet
Forget Snakes on a Plane… it’s Lizards from the Bowl !

Or, how about decorating your commode to reflect the changing seasons?

Christmas Commode

Lovely. That just oozes class.


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