Barkley and Max

Barkley & Max

My dogs are cuter than your dogs.

I haven’t mentioned the boys in awhile. Here’s a photo taken the other day after swimming at the airport pond off I-84. It’s about a five minute drive, and the boys really enjoy cooling off there in the afternoon.

I love these dogs so much. I know that everyone else thinks that their dog(s) are so smart, cute, funny, personable, etc…. but ours really are the best.

That’s Barkley “The Magnificent” on the left, and Maxwell Bartholomew on the right. Don’t you just want to bury your face into them?

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2 Responses to Barkley and Max

  1. megan says:

    My heart belongs to Noah and Andy but they are your perfect kids and look so very happy. Andy would totally try and make out with them. He has a licking addiction.

  2. D. Peace says:

    They’re great. What awesome pets. My aunt and uncle had golden retrievers, which are amazing dogs. Very friendly breed.

    Tell Barkley and Max “hello”. 🙂

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