Construction has stopped

Orangeburg pipe
(photo of the trench outside of the building where we found our problem)

Upon revelation of Orangeburg pipe under our building (and connecting to the sewer line) construction has come to a screeching stop. Haven’t heard of Orangeburg pipes? Neither had we.

Orangeburg pipe is comprised of cellulose fibers impregnated with hot coaltar pitch. The pipe often softens and deforms with age, allowing infiltration and root intrusion. It basically collapses, and so when this type of pipe is discovered, it needs to be replaced.

Trench dug in the office

Of course, this was completely unforeseen, and certainly not in our plans or budget. The entire dining room needs to be trenched, the pipes removed and replaced, and then patched up again.

This is a problem. A very expensive problem to the tune of over eight grand.

As Oscar (the guy in the photo at the top) said upon finding these pipes, “The price of pizza just went up.”

Trench dug around the perimeter of the building

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4 Responses to Construction has stopped

  1. Missy says:

    Ouch. Can’t they re-pipe by putting a new pipe through the old one? That would be so much simpler!

    Hope this isn’t too big a snag.

  2. shannon says:

    oh shit. in the end — it will all be worth it.

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  4. Laurie says:

    Kina and Steve – I am SO sorry. I’m sure you are devastated. And it’s not just the money, but the time – right?! I’ll be rooting for them to find buried treasure when it’s all dug up.

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