Mad at Dex

I had originally called the Dex Yellow Pages back in May, inquiring about advertising. I was told that they were “closing” the book and that we’d have to move fast. I was sent a proposal for $800 (!!!!) a month, which I politely declined. I said that I just wanted a small, simple ad for now, as we weren’t certain when we would be opening the doors to our restaurant. We went back and forth, and finally, I said to just get in touch with me next year — that we’d have to just deal with a simple one-line listing until the next issue.

I received our new Dex Yellow Pages directory today. While we’re listed in the white pages, there is no mention of us anywhere in the Yellow Pages. Not even a basic listing. Nada.

I’m so mad. We’ve been paying over $50 a month to the phone company since February, not even using phone service yet, just so we could:

a. Get the phone number I wanted and
b. Be sure to get in the phone book before the next issue.


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One Response to Mad at Dex

  1. shannon says:

    Keeneye — no one uses phone books anymore. Didn’t you get the memo?

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