We were playing frisbee with the dogs yesterday afternoon, when a fire truck drove by at a top speed, sirens blaring. We looked into the horizon, and not too far away was a huge plume of black, thick smoke.

I told Whitey that it looked like it was coming from our restaurant, and that when I was there about an hour before, there were new electrical lines everywhere. We quickly loaded up the dogs and drove towards the restaurant. The closer we got, the sicker I felt.

Police at the Pizzeria

We drove up to flames, only they weren’t at our building, they were behind our building.


The firefighters were very fast in controlling the towering flames, and by the time I was able to snap a few photos, it was just smoking. They tore the roof off of the shed, and doused the fire incredibly fast.

Firetrucks on D Street

A scary sight, though, to see so much activity nearby. The shed was used as a workshop, and had been filled with lumber and varnish. Not good.


That’s the last time I want to see an ambulance in front of our restaurant!

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5 Responses to Fire!!!

  1. Candie says:

    OMGosh! I said to Mike the other day “there has been an unusual amount of sirens today” and he said “hum…I wonder what’s going on?” I’m glad it wasn’t anything at your place. We also drove by just the other day and I said, “I wonder if the property behind the building is part of their place?” Well, now I know.

  2. Dan White says:

    Thanks God it was just behind your new place…It had to be a very bad feeling racing there and to see smoke and fire in front of you.


  3. M.A.J. says:

    Probably started by the construction workers at your building flicking cigarette butts over the fence. They are a rough group.

  4. Keeneye says:

    The group is fine — it’s their boss that scares me!

    Very funny, MARK!
    (our general contractor)

  5. D. Peace says:

    Sorry about your scare.

    Here in Pennsy, we have the opposite problem. Torrential downpour and flash flooding for days now. If we got some of your fire and you got some of our water, everything would be fine.

    C’mon, nature. Balance this shit out.

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