Beer Cupcakes

Beer Cupcakes

Shannon pointed me towards the recipe for these (as well as a recipe for “meat cake”, which disgusted me), and I had to make them immediately. Jon, if you want one, hurry over to Baker City – I’ve got four left!

So here they are! I made them with Espresso Stout from Barley Brown’s Brewpub. Even the icing was made with beer instead of milk. I topped them with espresso powder and chocolate sprinkles.

They’re a bit odd – they look as if they’re sweet, but aren’t. They have a slight beer flavor, however, I think they’d be better as a full cake layered with the icing. Every bite should have some of the frosting, otherwise it’s too plain.

The recipe doesn’t say what size to make, so I tried two different sizes. The larger ones are definitely better; the small ones dried out too much.


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One Response to Beer Cupcakes

  1. Mrs H says:

    I’m glad you made them so I don’t have too. I am going to make Lavender Cupcakes from my fresh lavender. Wanna be part of my Elvis Cupcake takers?

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