One Month to Pizza!

When I walk through our restaurant, it’s difficult to see that it’s going to be open in one month; however, that’s what we’re being told. Everything is starting to come together, and I can see where time-management plays a key role. It’s a good thing that we have a great contractor. He’s been awesome – and is very, very organized. The guys on his crew are great as well; they work fast, make quick decisions, and communicate with us on everything that comes into question.

Behind the scenes, it’s crunch-time. We’ve received our Point-of-Sale system, and it’s like learning an entirely new language. I’m not savvy on networking computers, and we’ve got to program the system with our menu and other information for running reports. It’s a daunting task, one that I’ve given to Whitey to take on. The computer and phone systems are challenging.
We’re finalizing our menu, getting the menus printed, making larger menu boards to hang in the service area, ordering t-shirts, stickers and balloons with our logo, and prepping to start painting the interior once the sheetrock and drywall is complete (later this week). It’s pretty exciting watching it all come together.

I’ll try to post some photos later this week of the progress.

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3 Responses to One Month to Pizza!

  1. Tom says:

    If you need a little help networking your POS, let me know if I can be of some help. I am a network engineer at work.

  2. shannon says:

    I’m so excited for you. We can’t eat pizza anymore after being spoiled by Whitey’s last month. I told Brian to get on getting a gig at Barley Browns so we can come back and get some PIZZA.

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