Pizza Update

I’ve promised some photos of the construction at the restaurant, and here they are.

Photo update = if you have a slow internet connection, don’t click through:

Dining Room

Above is the dining room, looking towards the bathrooms. We had to make the bathrooms larger, which meant a smaller office off of the kitchen.


A closer look at the bathroom doorways…

There will be an enclosed hallway here – the photo below shows the framing beginning:

framing the hallway


and here’s the service area and pick-up window:

pick up window

service area

Above is the entry towards the kitchen from the service area.

As you enter the kitchen, we’re going to have a small wall separating the prep area from the dishwashing area.

kitchen wall

Here’s where the walk-in fridge will be:

walk-in slab

See the trench in the floor – new pipes! They lead to the office area here:


The office had to be torn apart to replace all of the pipes, and looked like this for quite a while:

pipes in the office

sewer main

The exterior of the building had a moat dug out around it, about 8-feet deep:

excavating the sewer line

replacing the orangeburg pipes

excavating the sewer line

But now we have new sidewalks!

New Sidewalks


The next photos I take will be after the drywall is finished so we’ll be better able to see how the rooms are laid out.

You can see why I am still in disbelief when I’m told that we’ll be open in a month. We’ll see….

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3 Responses to Pizza Update

  1. Jana says:

    Looking good. You guys must be so excited.

  2. Missy says:

    Great progress!! I can’t wait to make the trip out to Baker City to have a pie (or a stromboli – yum!)

  3. nancy glasser says:

    This is one of the most beautiful sites I have seen.I am ready to pull up a chair, have a slice and a cold brew and give a toast to the best new pizza parlor in the state.

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