Professional Photographer

Here’s why it’s important to use a PROFESSIONAL photographer:

Horse Bride

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4 Responses to Professional Photographer

  1. Simone says:

    OMG – that has to be *the worst* wedding picture I’ve ever seen. Sigh. Poor bride and groom. They didn’t deserve that on their big day …

  2. WHY???
    – the composition tells the story beautifully!
    – the lighting reflects the mood!
    – the choice of lens is innovating, unique and cutting edge rendering the perspective ideally
    – the background aids in story-telling and setting the mood but does not distract

    I wish the bride would have shaved her legs (note: her calf hair is several inches long)

    thanks for this post made me laugh,
    best wishes,
    ferenc : ferenc ecseki photography

  3. I didn’t know that they were letting centaurs marry.

  4. nancy glasser says:

    I always thought that the groom was the one that drank too much and made him self a horses ass !!!

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