Friday Night

Tonight, Whitey and my MIL went to play golf, and I met them up there after their game. Every Friday Night, the golfers take over the outdoor grill and the indoor kitchen. Everyone brings their own meat to grill, and others bring salads or desserts.

Me? I brought all three.

Caribbean Jerk kabobs with mushrooms, zucchini, prawns, onions, and giant scallops. MAN, they were good! I also made a huge bowtie pasta salad, and red velvet cupcakes with whipped cream cheese icing.

Everyone shares a table, shares their food, shares great conversation, and one only needs to walk a few feet away to order a drink. Think “Golf Club Bar” meets “Neighborhood Pot-Luck”. After dinner (and five choices for dessert), everyone pitches in to clean up the kitchen and wrap up the leftovers.

Our new home town is truly a Home Town. I really enjoyed the company we shared tonight, and am looking forward to next Friday night.

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