Whitey was tired from playing 27 holes of golf, and sent me out on the town with an old friend the other night.

Bryan and I had dinner and a few beers at Barley Brown’s, then ended up at the Stockman’s Bar in downtown Baker City… until almost closing time.

I know I sang Cyndi Lauper, Bonnie Raitt, and I think I sang a Chicago song with the electrician that’s working on our restaurant. Then Brian tried to teach me to swing dance.

Walking home, I showed Brian my favorite jujutsu move of pretending to trip on a sidewalk, while transitioning into a hasty somersault that ends up popping up into a cool jump.

<yeah…. right….>

I had so much fun, and now that I know that Bryan is moving away to Tennessee, I’m bummed.

If any other cool friends want to move within a 40 mile radius, let me know. I’ll take you to our local dive bar, and we’ll go out to sing karaoke — I’ll even dedicate “That’s What Friends Are For” to you.

It’ll be Shweet.

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