Roz Savage, rowing from the mainland to Hawaii

Have you heard about this woman, Roz Savage?

Roz Savage

Right now, she is off of the coast of California, rowing her way towards Hawaii.

For the first stage of her Pacific row, from San Francisco to Hawaii, her objective is to draw attention to the huge quantity of plastic finding its way into the world’s oceans, and raising awareness of the damage it causes to this delicate ecosystem. Her key message is to urge a reduction in the use of plastic.

She says, “Most of the plastic in the oceans comes from the land. Litter and blow-out from landfills goes into the storm drains, streams and rivers, and eventually it ends up in the ocean. There, it kills turtles, fish, marine mammals and seabirds, and alters the chemistry of the water. We cannot carry on treating the oceans like an open sewer, or we will pay a heavy price.”

She’s been updating her blog and has even uploaded a video to YouTube.

Check this out:

What an inspiration. Go to her website and buy a re-usable canvas tote with her logo right now.

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