Zap Car

I’ve almost convinced Whitey that we need to get a couple of these for our delivery vehicles.

Xebra Zap Car Sedan

Not in Zebra stripes, of course. We’d either get the green one or paint it black or white with our logos on it.

This sedan is 100% electric and costs less than 3cents per mile to charge. It’s top speed is only 40mph, but we wouldn’t be delivering anywhere outside of Baker, so we wouldn’t need to go over 35mph anyway. There are great tax breaks for buying an electric vehicle, and as an added bonus, they cost under $11,000! I’d much rather have these than a couple of Geo Metro cars that run on gasoline.

Pretty, pretty cool.


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5 Responses to Zap Car

  1. Dave Goodman says:

    Looks cool. I think Mondo Pizza in Bend uses something like that.

  2. shannon says:

    Pizza Mondo uses Geo Metros. I had Cibelli’s for lunch today. YUM but not as good as your pizza.

  3. Missy says:

    Why not the zebra stripes? They’re spiffy!

    Now I want one of these cars myself. VERY cost efficient!

  4. It comes in a truck as well. Speaking of cost-efficient, isn’t there a tax credit for electric vehicles in Oregon?

  5. Justin says:

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