I Own This Road

The Bulletin Newspaper, Rob Kerr Photo

Dear Mr. Dolf,

If you are so angry that people are jogging with their dogs, walking with their kids, or riding bikes along the canal road behind your house…

why did you buy the house?

That road has been used for decades by your neighbors. It’s far nicer to jog on a trail than on the street in traffic, obviously. Just look at all of the activity near the river trail in SW Bend.

Are the so-called trespassers coming into your backyard? Hanging out on your deck? Picking fruit from your trees and asking for a re-fill of their iced-tea? No. They’re being neighborly – walking, talking, getting to know each other, spending time with their families, friends, pets, exercising, and enjoying the sounds and sights of the area.

Are you walking around naked in your house and are afraid that someone will see you in your Underoos? If so, get some window shades and party on!


A former neighbor who moved away from angry people like you.


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3 Responses to I Own This Road

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    I miss the good ol’ days when you got the shotgun and loaded it with rocksalt. Then as those trespassers go by, you scream out ‘Get Off Me Prop-ur-ty!!’, and blast em. No more hillbillies these days. Just people who bitch and moan. Doesn’t Mr. Dolf know there are real issues like graffiti?

  2. jen says:

    Something like this happened in Klamath Falls recently. The (new) property owner put up barbed wire and started throwing a fit.

    The court made him take it down. Turned out there was some sort of “right of way” law but I don’t know if it was city, county or state. Seems like the same thing should apply here.

    In the mean time… wish those kids would geddout of my yard! 😉

  3. Jana says:

    This reminds me–last Sunday a couple and their two kids wandered into our backyard past our garden and sat down in our plastic chairs around the fire pit. They then proceeded to light a fire in the pit and smoke their cigarettes. Thankfully it had rained recently and we were not paper dry anymore. I could not believe the gall. Granted our side yard looks as though it could be an 7untended public space, but when you get to where they were you have to go by 2 obviously not public areas. Unbelievable.

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