Our Former Bend Home

From KTVZ.com on August 31, 2007:

“For much of 2006, Bend was officially the hottest real-estate market in the country – but that’s surely no longer the case, as new federal home-price figures out Thursday show Bend dropping not just out of the Top 10 markets, but the Top 100, due to a second quarter that saw local home prices fall more than 2 percent.

When we were recently in Bend, I wanted to drive by our old house to see the progress that was made on the new owner’s development plans. Here’s a few photos taken recently of a house we sold in Bend for $281,000 last year:

Old House


SOLD! in Bend, Oregon

The people that bought the house were from Portland, and while we were still packing up our stuff, they demolished the carport and the studio apartment in the back. They broke the window leading into the living room, and cracked a beam in the ceiling — just couldn’t wait to get started on the project. Everything was leveled, as they had plans to immediately build a 2-story house on the 1/2 lot and then remodel the main house. She told me that she planned on renting out the main house during the construction, and was planning to ask $1200 a month in rent to cover the mortgage.

I swear, when we lived there, the house looked really cute (vouch for me, someone!!!). Big flowery bushes overflowed out of the built-in window sill planters, the trim had been recently painted, bamboo window coverings were in place, the front lawn was green and mowed in diagonal stripes…. we loved this little house. There was a nice fence all the way around the backyard and encompassed the lot on the side, allowing the dogs a huge back yard to play in.

I feel terribly for the neighbors who have had to look at this for the last year. Yuck. The sheets in the windows are a nice touch. I wonder what the white Berber carpet looks like in the house, or the lush green grass that Whitey had planted in the back yard. Riiiiight.

The other house we sold was about three blocks away. When we drove by, it looked like the new owner there had the roof re-done. She’s not planning on going anywhere. That’s the difference in what’s called “Pride of Ownership” – it’s something that people who are just looking to make a buck don’t adhere to.

Wow. I’m so thankful that we moved when we did – at the top of the buying frenzy in Bend. We had listed the house for $240K — and received almost 10 offers a week later. That’s just absurd.

I think I’ll send some cards to our former neighbors to apologize, and maybe invite them out this way to visit.

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