The (not so) secret to great pizza sauce

Brown Sugar.

Brown Sugar gets hard

Just like a great spaghetti sauce, a great pizza sauce has a certain amount of brown sugar. That “certain amount” is a secret, though.

With the amount of brown sugar we’ve gone through while perfecting our sauce recipe, I’ve had to replace our supply far too often because it has become crunchy. Hard balls of sugar. Not good.

Here’s a great way to keep your brown sugar moist.

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2 Responses to The (not so) secret to great pizza sauce

  1. Deltasierra says:

    That’s one of my secrets to great spaghetti sauce, too. But I got it off the back of a tomato sauce can. 🙂 I didn’t record the amount they called for, instead choosing to grab some out of the bag and throw it in till the sauce tasted “right”. 🙂

    Nice to know it can be used in pizza sauce, too!

  2. Tom says:

    I have been making my own marinara/spaghetti sauce for decades and have always been pretty proud of it. But now after throwing in a bit of brown sugar, I can’t believe how much better it is.

    Thanks for sharing “the secret” (better than the book too)


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