Painting is DONE!


I woke up this morning with severe carpal tunnel syndrome; my hand still hasn’t woken up. What a day we had yesterday. There is something so satisfying about painting. It’s instant gratification that you’ve accomplished something.


MIL brought a carrot cake for my birthday. Carrot Cake and Coors Light: Breakfast of Champions!

My birthday

This week, we’ll see the flooring installed and the kitchen equipment brought in. Hopefully we’ll get all of the lighting in, and get the TVs up. By next Sunday, we’ll have NFL Ticket broadcasting in HD, and be testing out our menu items.

Can’t wait! Can’t WAIT!!!

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5 Responses to Painting is DONE!

  1. Kasey G. says:

    Happy Birthday! The paint looks fabulous :0)

  2. Jana says:

    Looks wonderful! I can smell the paint fumes from here.

  3. nancy glasser says:

    The pale gold against the red looks so fresh. Kinda like beer and pizza ! what a good idea.

  4. Deltasierra says:

    That is awesome! I keep reading your posts about pizza, and the colors on your walls, and I’ve wanted pizza for dinner almost every night this week! I’ve resisted, except for two nights, but man . . . I want to take a trip to Baker City when you’ve got the place up and running! 😀

  5. Simone says:

    Oh, shucks.

    I’m *so* behind in reading my blog feeds. Otherwise I would have known it was your birthday 3 days ago. Shame on me.

    But – Happy BELATED Birthday!

    The paint indeed looks awesome. I’ll have to second Deltasierra’s sentiment – I want to take a trip to Baker to see Paizano’s up and running!

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