Friday Pizza Update (and it’s a doozy)

Today was the Mother of all days since beginning our adventure in opening a restaurant. We were there at 7am, and locked up around 7pm. It was a good preview as to what we’re getting ourselves into once we open.

All of the equipment was brought in, and the guts of the building are beginning to form our pizza place. A place that’s welcoming, warm, open, airy, clean, and comfortable. A quick-service restaurant with a sit-down restaurant feeling. A gathering place for families, friends, sports-enthusiasts, even couples on a date. I felt like I was on the verge of tears all day, yet with a perma-grin plastered on my face.

I don’t know how we ended up having THE most awesome people in the world helping to create our place, but I’m thanking every lucky star I’ve ever wished upon.

Here’s a photo posting of today’s events, with the Drunk Monkey at the end:

Here’s our electrician, Barry, and his son Tyler beginning to install fans.

Great guys, and Barry sings a mean karaoke at the Stockman’s, just in case you were wondering.

Ty was busting his butt today, putting in our outlets, and making sure that the TVs were operational. He was a tad OCD in making sure that the outlets were perfectly straight and even fixed a couple of the existing ones. He’s also a redhead. Maybe we’re related???

Green and red. It’s like Christmas in here!

The fans look great in here. Barry is putting all of the fans and lights on a dimmer behind the counter for us instead of having to use the remote for each one. It’s one of the little things that will make me happy months from now.

The pizza prep table is enormous! It didn’t come with a cutting board, though, so we’re scrambling to get it custom cut and ordered.

The ovens are much closer to the office than I had thought they would be. It’s going to be hotttt in there.

And in the office… here is our new mop sink. I spent two hours yesterday mopping the floors. Maybe that’s why I’m so sore today.

Our walk-in refrigerator. My very first job as server was at Sully’s Italian restaurant in Bend, which is now Jake’s Diner. I worked with a really nice woman, Linda, that was going through menopause. Every so often, she’d disappear during a rush. We’d find her leaning against boxes of lettuce in the walk-in. Her hot flashes would wilt the spinach. I’m not looking forward to that….

The salad prep table. MIL showed up this afternoon and practiced standing in front of it. Nice job, MIL. You’re hired.

I love that we have a hand-sink right around the corner from the service area. We are ordering the foam soap dispensers, which I adore. The fruity flavor makes me happy, and always makes my wedding ring sparkle like brand new. Silly girl, I know.

Bill is our cabinets and countertops guy. He, also, is a bit OCD which I think is necessary for woodworkers. I watched him whip out his measuring tape so many times it made me start humming the song “Deja Vu”. He also had one of those nifty laser beams to line up the cabinets on the wall. Like a disco, only during the daytime.

Lo and behold, just when we’re trying to figure out how to put together our keg cooler — Tyler shows up. Tyler of Barley Brown’s Brewpub fame, that is. This guy (hi Tyler!) has been incredibly helpful. When we were first doing our business plan and creating our floor plans, he loaned us a book that he had used when opening his brewery – it ended up being much more useful than anything that I found online. He supplied us with our contact for restaurant equipment, and told us who to talk with at Sysco, our food vendor. He’s introduced us to his regular customers whenever we’re in his restaurant, and has truly been an invaluable resource.

I think he just wants to watch football with us this Sunday.

Kidding! Big props to Tyler — we’re very, very grateful for your help.

The hallway lights were installed facing down (Mom), but I think that I like them that way. If you get here and don’t like it, though, we can flip them the other way. (And notice that there is some leftover vinyl — do you want it?)

I love our wall bench. And do you see those bright red specks on the wall? Barry decided that the outlets should be red instead of white so that they don’t stand out on the walls. Not only is he a crooner on the karaoke stage, but that Barry has some fashion sense as well. Maybe not with the suspenders he was sporting today…. 🙂

The toilets flush. That’s all that matters. But, if you care, the mirrors came from Ross (I bought them during my horrific experience while shopping in Bend).

And the lighting in our lavatories? Gorgeous. Tell me that you’ve seen a better lighting fixture in a pizza joint:

Ignore the hole in the ceiling for the fan. Besides that, nice digs, eh?

And here’s a sneak preview of the ultra hip art that is going to hang on our walls. Retro brew prints, with the mats done by my friend Kiana (key-ah-nuh), who owns Art Impressions in Bend. My mom had the frames in storage, and donated them to the Paizano’s Decor Fund.

And for the last photo…

My favorite.

The Drunk Monkey.

I love this hairy little guy. He’s going to look so shhhhexy in our bright yellow hallway. Instead of “seeing a man about a horse”….

well, there are all kinds of terrible jokes that could end this sentence.

Instead, I thank you for reading this to the end, and for following our pregnancy this far. We’re giving birth soon, and I can’t wait to share our baby photos.

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5 Responses to Friday Pizza Update (and it’s a doozy)

  1. Adrienne says:

    LMAO! I’m enjoying the pregnancy as well. Keep it comin’!

  2. Mrs H says:

    I am so proud of you!

  3. Jana says:

    Looks great!! I was looking at your colors and thinking you needed art very much like you chose. Kind of scary. Really exciting and exhausting I bet. It looks so good.

  4. wendy says:

    I am so excited for you!

  5. monkeyinabox says:

    If that monkey print goes missing, don’t come looking at my place. 😉 😉

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