You don’t seriously want a job, do you?

We’ve received over 40 applications from people seeking employment at our new place. It’s strange to be on the other side of the application, and remembering applying at Sully’s or Rosette (now Cork in Bend).

First off – I have to realize that there are some people that make a full-time job out of trying NOT to get a job. Those people that are just fine and dandy collecting their unemployment or welfare check, and really don’t want to have to earn their living. These are the people that turn in applications just to make their quota each week so that they can continue to receive benefits from the state. Most of these applications are barely filled out, have an incorrect phone number, or are faxed over directly from the unemployment office. Even better, if I leave a message for them to call me back to set an interview, they don’t return the call.

<Begin Rant> Here’s a thought: Make these people WORK for their benefits! There are plenty of jobs that they could do — cleaning the park, re-painting curbs, mowing lawns for senior citizens, doing temporary jobs at City Hall or the Courthouse like filing, sweeping, cleaning windows… Why are they handing out checks to people whose only job is to apply for jobs and try to fail miserably at the interviews? It’s absolutely wrong. </Rant>

Secondly – if you have a MySpace profile, be sure that you mark it as “Private”, or better yet, use it to advertise what a great person you are! List your accomplishments, not your faults. Some of the profiles on these high school students… my God! Parents should figure out how to get online and see what their kids are broadcasting. The comments back and forth, planning to sneak out, steal alcohol, get high… one of the kids that applied boasted on his/her MySpace that he/she steals beer from his parents (or his neighbors fridge in the garage next door). He’s 16-years-old. Do you think for one second that I’m going to hire this kid?

I just don’t see any benefit in publishing a laundry list of “Reasons Why Your Daughter Should Never Date Me”. Pretend that everything you write online will be seen by your future employer, future in-laws, or future kids. If you wouldn’t say it out loud to your sweetheart’s parents, don’t publish it on a webpage for the world to see.

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One Response to You don’t seriously want a job, do you?

  1. Jake says:

    Agree with you 1000%, both with your rant and with your MySpace morons.

    But at least you didn’t accidently interview them before you realized they were nuts like I did:

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