15 interviews today.

2 that were a shoo-in.
1 that seemed really good.
1 that we warmed up to MUCH more than when he/she first walked in the door.
1 that we’ve marked “maybe”.

Rule #1: Don’t show up to an interview in a filthy T-Shirt, reeking of cigarettes.
Rule #2: Don’t keep repeating “I really need a job” after every question.
Me: “Tell me about yourself.”
You: “I really need a job.”
Me: “Are you interested in front or back of the house?”
You: “I don’t care. I just really need a job.”
Rule #3: Do not rest your chin on your hand and avoid eye-contact.
Rule #4: When asked, “Do you have any questions about us or the job position?” please ask something to make it seem like you’re interested in moving forward.

What an interesting day. I met my parents and MIL at Barley Brown’s for a drink afterwards, while Whitey went to the Elks Lodge to become inducted as a member. My mom is sewing valances for the windows tomorrow, and my dad is hanging the window shades. So cool. I’ll have more photos tomorrow…

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5 Responses to Interviews

  1. Jon says:

    Whitey’s being inducted as an Elk? That’s…. totally random…

  2. Mrs H says:

    How many ppl are you hiring?

  3. Jana says:

    Does he get a hat like Fred Flintstone?

  4. monkeyinabox says:

    Which jobs are these people applying for? If it’s “dishwasher” or “table-buser” then you might have to settle for the meth addict, or crack whore. Of course I mean that figuratively.

  5. Matt says:

    I need a job!….:P

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