Of course…

Last night, I wrote on the “To Do” list to call Norco to arrange for a helium tank. I want balloons outside for our Grand Opening, and my plan was to have them available for birthday parties as well.

Then, as I scour the few headlines that are available to me on The Bulletin’s website – this one sticks out:

Appropriately enough, helium’s price is rising

First it was cheese. Then it was natural gas. Now it’s stinking HELIUM!?!!

I swear, if I plan today to buy dirt it will go up in price tomorrow.

Maybe I should work as a tipster for a stock broker.

article here

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2 Responses to Of course…

  1. Tom says:

    Price of dirt going up??? Isn’t that the definition of real estate investing?

    Hello? Of course Helium is going up, think about it 🙂

    counting the days till we have GREAT pizza in Baker City.


  2. shannon says:

    Helium is so expensive to begin with. It’s like selling your first born just to buy one.

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