I am so fortunate.

Driving two hours to Boise with my mom; yacking the entire way, the drive seemed like twenty minutes.

We had a great lunch at PF Changs (LOVVVVE the lettuce wraps, and her Oolong marinated Sea Bass was the best fish I’ve had in years!), then we walked around downtown.

We reminisced about when we lived in Hawaii, and she asked me to be honest about certain things, and I asked HER to be honest about certain things. All of a sudden, we were catching up like friends moreso than mom and daughter.

Driving home, we talked more, and were so caught up in our conversation that I missed our exit to Home Depot to buy chalkboard paint for the menu boards.

Oh well. I think our talks were so much more important that the paint was, and I’ll gladly drive the hour (each way) to Home Depot tomorrow.

I am so fortunate to have my mom around, to be a part of my life at this time in my life.

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