Attention Pizza Eaters!

Our hiring is DONE.

Our kitchen equipment is IN.

Our signage is UP.

And our pizza is GREAT!

What a day. It was so long, and so rewarding. I’ll have more of an update in the next few days, but suffice to say, it is all coming together magnificently.

We made our first pizza tonight. Our mascot, Max, helped out. We explained to him that it was a very special occasion, and that he wouldn’t be allowed in the restaurant again after tonight. He told us that he wants to become a seeing-eye dog so that he can help close up at night. He’d save us a fortune on our alarm system if we just let him stay there every night, too. He did not approve when I was outside talking to a bunch of kids and handing out free pizza.

Our street sign is somewhat obscene. It’s pretty gosh darn flashy, with chasing lights pointing towards the building. Viva Las Baker City!

I’ll have to upload a video for you to get the true, ridiculous effect.

For now, though, I’m going to pass out on the sofa, finishing a bottle of Woodward Canyon Cab and watching the Thirsty Traveler on the DVR.

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2 Responses to Attention Pizza Eaters!

  1. Adrienne says:

    Dig the snazzy car in front : )
    Can’t the dogs have their own special place in the restaurant?? They could be your greeters.

  2. Mrs H says:

    I’m so proud of you and Whitey! And that logo looks snazzy.

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