Pizza Update

The restaurant is now our personal kitchen and entertainment venue. We are able to make dinner there, watch TV, and now —

play video games.

We have a pretty cool pinball game, even though it’s about 13 years old. It’s some sort of soccer game.

The other machine is a jet boat racing game, and the seat shakes as you go over waterfalls and the like. I’ve never been very keen on these types of games, but I know that kids like them a lot. Kids like Whitey, anyway.

And in other news…

Whitey screamed like a banshee the other day after encountering a Hobo Spider in the restroom. Where this guy came from, I don’t know, but you all know how paranoid I am about these deadly things. I ran to get the camera while Whitey yelled for me to back off – that it might jump on me and kill me. The thing was HUUUUGE!!!!!

Check out the entire 6-seconds of video I got on this spider before smashing him with my flip-flop. You can see the big ol’ sacks he’s carrying in front of him and everything. Such a freaky spider. He’s now spider juice in the carpet.

Besides the games and the terrorist spider, not much else to report. We’ve passed our building inspection (YAY!!!), and after our initial food inventory arrives next week we’ll have our health inspection. I don’t anticipate any issues — we followed the plans almost perfectly, and didn’t try to stretch any of the rules at all. Plus, all of our equipment is brand new and so are all of the small goods and containers. We’ll train our employees starting next week Thursday, then do a private opening next weekend. If all goes as planned, we’ll open between Monday and Wednesday of the following week; Oct. 8, 9, or 10.

So much more to do, though. I’ve got to add the new items to the menu, get it printed, pick up the few things we’ve spaced on like bus tubs and dish racks, touch up the paint, learn to run reports on our POS (point-of-sale computers), unpack our hundreds of boxes of small goods, finish the dining room decor, get our initial food inventory list together, do a final fund disbursement from our SBA loan with the bank, and stripe the parking lot.

If anyone is planning a visit soon, we’ll put you to work! 🙂

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One Response to Pizza Update

  1. mrs h says:

    will you be around for thanksgiving?

    thanks for the card too!

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