X-ray Helmet

Your son is knocked to the ground while playing football, and doesn’t get up right away. Should you pull him from the game?

If he’s wearing the new Riddell football helmet, you’ll be able to monitor the precise location and severity of impacts to little Johnny’s head, and make an informed decision on whether to take your child to the Emergency Room.

Says Riddell marketing chief Jim Heidenreich: “If people buy $1,000 drivers and $500 baseball bats, we hope they’ll spend that kind of money on head protection.”

Wow. And to think that my mom used to let me run around without a helmet, or a cell phone, and even encouraged me to drink out of the garden hose. The horror.


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2 Responses to X-ray Helmet

  1. Deltasierra says:

    Heheh, but if the impacts were strong enough to break a skull or bruise a brain, wouldn’t they be strong enough to damage sensitive, radioactive material?

    It does seem a little over-the-top, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. Deltasierra says:

    Oops, I didn’t read the article first.

    It still does sound like an outlet for overprotectiveness. How many parents are going to be monitoring their computers the whole time, instead of watching the game or making sure their kids are having fun? If someone’s that worried about impact, they shouldn’t be signing their kids up for football!

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