That was the best pizza I’ve ever had

The last customer in our restaurant tonight approached me at the counter and said this comment.

He was pretty intense about it – raving about our crust and saying that our sauce was better than any he’d had. What a way to end the day. It put a smile on my face and I went back into the kitchen to let everyone know how happy he was.

We’ve been open six days and I’ve seen many of our customers multiple times. Some order from memory, which thrills me immensely. I am so proud of our food – we don’t skimp at all on our ingredients, and it really shows in our final product. Whole-milk mozzarella is expensive, but makes so much difference in our pizza. We grate our own cheese, too, so as to avoid that waxy coating on pre-grated stuff. Our flour is high-gluten and sticky, rising for 24 hours and creating a crisp, thin crust that has flavor. Our salads are big, and chock full of nuts, berries, and other tasties that make rabbit food a meal.

I love our food, and love our restaurant so much. Every day that we’re open, things go a bit smoother. Hopefully we’ll be able to take a day off sometime before the end of the year to sleep in and spend the day catching up on our Fall Season Premieres.

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One Response to That was the best pizza I’ve ever had

  1. Missy says:

    For some reason, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had for lunch seems very inadequate right now.


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