What’s a Stromboli?

Our second-most popular question (the first being, When will you start delivery?) . . .

“What’s a Stromboli?”

Here’s a photo of a lunch that I split with Whitey a few days ago; a combo Stromboli.

A Stromboli is best described as a pizza burrito. All of your toppings and cheese are laid on the dough, then it’s rolled up like a cinnamon roll. The inside is hot and gooey with the cheese, and the exterior is crisp and flaky. The sauce is served on the side to dip it in.

Our Stromboli is made with 9 ounces of dough, which is about how much is used to make your standard medium pizza. I always suggest splitting a Stromboli and a salad; it’s more than enough food for two people. Our BBQ Chicken Stromboli (grilled chicken breast strips, red onions, cheddar and BBQ sauce) or the Popeye Stromboli (ricotta, fresh spinach, slow-roasted sun-dried tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella) are both very popular, but you can create your own as well. I made a Taco-style Stromboli recently that was so dang good! We recently had someone order one with smoked salmon, cream cheese and asparagus with our white sauce on the side instead of marinara – YUM!!! We’re adding one to the next menu that is a Buffalo Wing-style stromboli with Frank’s Red Hot sauce and blue cheese crumbles with chicken. Dang!

I hate owning a restaurant and being hungry. I need to go eat.


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One Response to What’s a Stromboli?

  1. Mike Rudi says:

    mmmmmmmm….stromboli! My absolute fav. The Chicken Courdon Bleu pizza we had the other night was the bomb! Katie and I loved it. Can’t wait to try it in a stromboli. You guys are doing fabulous. Thank you so much for the great food and super service.

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