Our Computers

Our POS (point-of-sale) computer system (by pcAmerica) is almost working at 100%. We still get baffled by errors every so often, though. Like this:

We then have to write out a ticket for the kitchen and have the next customer in line wait while we catch up.

I can’t seem to get the error to happen while I have Tech Support on the phone, though, so I did a screen-print to show them. It’s so random, and of course, only seems to happen when we’re really busy. Our sales guy said to call Tech Support (again) and they’d fix it. I called. They didn’t fix it. And so goes our cycle….

The software program itself is amazing when it works, though. I’ve been happy with it now that most of the bugs are figured out, and now that the printers are working. I wasn’t too keen on the fact that we had to hire a local computer guy to fix it, and to get the printers working. A couple of the port extenders that they sold me were defective as well, and I had to pay to replace them. Their Tech Support is iffy; I’ve spoken to the rudest person in the world who works for them, as well as one of the nicest. If I had it to do over, I would have gone with a different company that has local tech support or at least has someone in Boise. Yet another reason to shop local.

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One Response to Our Computers

  1. Jake says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of poorly-coded POS software. I’ve ran into so many piece of crap systems that I’ve lost count. Glad to hear things are at least sort of working.

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