Our electricity at the restaurant went out at 11:35 this morning. Even the phone lines were out, which meant we couldn’t run credit cards.

Our ovens are gas, so we were still able to make pizzas and strombolis, but I started freaking out about food thawing in the freezer or walk-in.  I had just had our local computer guys install a backup battery system to our computers, so we were still able to ring in orders, although we had to hand-write tickets for the kitchen. Good thing we’d had so much experience with that, eh?

The high school kids came pouring in at 11:50, and those with debit cards left to find somewhere else to eat.

The blackout lasted about 30 minutes, and when the lights came back on, I was so relieved. It’s been pretty slow (excluding Fri and Sat) – I didn’t need yet another excuse to turn customers away.

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