“Some people roll out of bed and look forward to ruining someone else’s day.”

“That dude won’t stop staring at my chest.”

“People like that aren’t worth how much time you’re investing in them.”

“Some people are just Mad. All. The. Time.”

“You need to Kill ‘Em with Kindness.”

“Have you thought about banning people from coming back?”

“Drunk 12-year-olds. Should we call their moms or the police?”

“She was in the bathroom for a half and hour and stole all of the toilet paper.”

“Please don’t make me be nice to her. The last time I saw her she punched me in the face.”

“To-go order for Spiderman!?”

These are a few of the things that our staff has told me in the past three days. All seem worthy of their own bumper sticker, dontcha think?

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One Response to Quote-worthy

  1. Sherri says:

    Oh my! Things are interesting up there lately

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