Tuesday is usually the slowest day of the week for us, and yesterday was definitely the exception.

Do y’all know Murphy? Because his “law” is always right.

We had our kitchen manager call us at home early in the morning, sobbing in pain from having a tooth pulled the day before. She has never called in sick to work… EVER, at any job… so I knew she had to be miserable.

I went in to work early with Whitey to help him do prep. It was fun being bossed around in the kitchen; grating the cheese, using the slicer on the mushrooms and prepping the roasted garlic.

A new employee had her first day as well, and showed up early to do paperwork. I announced to Whitey that because we were down two people, we were bound to be busy. Mmmm hmmmm, I was right.

Again. 🙂

Lunch was hectic. I must have jogged five miles running food and bussing tables. Training the new gal while we were slammed was amusing. She was bug-eyed trying to learn everything.

After things slowed down, she finally got a proper tutorial on the computers. She’s a really smart cookie and I know she’s going to work out great.

About 4 o’clock, our lead line cook called in “under the weather”, although we found out later that he probably isn’t sick — just in DEEP TROUBLE for a car wreck he was in a few days ago. We’ll see how that pans out…

Meanwhile, I announced again to Whitey that he had better prepare for a busy night. Sure enough, we were steady all night long. Fortunately, everyone came in 5 minutes apart, and so it made it easy on my very tired husband who had to make everything.

We had 1/2 the payroll hours and twice the sales, yet all went very smoothly. Go figure.

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