Christmas Party

We had our Christmas Party on Tuesday night. Of course, Tuesdays are typically the slowest night for restaurants, so we figured that we’d shut the doors at 7:00 and be ready to feast! Here’s a photo of our dining room at about 6:45:

Yeah. That dude Murphy? You know, the guy that made that law? Straight up, we had the busiest Tuesday night we’ve ever seen. By the time our dining room emptied and we were able to bus the tables and set up for the party, I was exhausted.

Good thing I had already prepped dinner, and the main course didn’t take much effort.


Mmmmm hmmm. No pizza tonight, kids. We ate giant Alaskan King Crab legs, drenched in butter. I also made a modified Chicken Rouladin: pounded chicken breasts with proscuitto, provolone and a light spicy honey mustard, rolled and crusted with panko. Delicious! For sides, I made rosemary roasted red potatoes and two different kinds of salad from our menu; my signature salad and a Caesar. And for dessert?

Tiramisu. I know. You’re jealous.

Pretty much all of my favorite foods in one night, in case you were wondering.

Afterwards, we did the White Elephant gift exchange. A Christmas Story leg lamp was re-gifted twice, as was the fuzzy blanket that Whitey brought. 

All in all, a fun night. I really enjoy our crew – good people. It’s taken a couple of months to get into the swing of things, but now, we all know each others strengths and weaknesses, and can help each other get through pretty much anything.

And that’s what I’m giving thanks for right now.

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4 Responses to Christmas Party

  1. Jen says:

    Looks like fun. 🙂

    Did you see this? Make sure you look at #9!

  2. Missy says:

    It never fails – when restaurant people want to party, the rest of the world slows them down. Glad you got to have a great time, I’m utterly jealous of your menu and wish that someone would cook like that for me!

    Happy Holidays!

    (dying to know what Jen’s cryptic #9 is. I’ll try to remember to ask her tomorrow.)

  3. Mrs H says:

    Was worried about you because no posts lately. You’ve been quiet.

  4. gottabkd says:

    Thank you for the entry behind the posts, I really appreciate the invite. Although I am disappointed for the privacy, I do understand… small towns can be very gossipy

    Been checking up on you and wondering waazzuupp… I figured it would be good 🙂

    I too am jealous of this menu.. sounds delish!!

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