A slowdown in Bend

A group of guys came into the restaurant last night who knew Whitey from when we lived in Bend. They had heard that we opened our place, and sought us out while in town for work. What kind of work?


JP said that he and his crew have been out of work, and he was able to find a job in Baker City. So they’re staying at a local hotel while doing a house remodel, and that they plan on coming back in a couple of months for another big job. He said that Bend has changed; whereas he used to turn away jobs because he was so busy, now everyone he knows in the business is scrambling for work.

Now, I know for a fact that there are perfectly capable contractors that live here in Baker. Knowing that this crew had to travel, pay for a hotel, and eat out every day while they are here makes me wonder how competitive their bid was to convince someone to not hire someone in area.

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3 Responses to A slowdown in Bend

  1. b says:

    enjoyed your blog today. i have ocd cartoons on my blog if you care to see them.

  2. Seems like a good question to me, but then I wasn’t asked.

  3. banned says:

    Yes this started almost two years ago in Bend,

    Peak was 2004,

    In 2005 things slowed down and they sold their toys, dirt-bikes, jet-skis, snow-mobiles,

    In 2006 they started having to drive to Redmond for Remodelling,

    In 2007 they started having to drive to boise, …

    Baker City, please NEVER let them Bend your town.

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