There are other personalities in this world that are not inherently sympathetic to our own.

John Mayer cracks me up.

I love reading his blog, because it shows that there are celebrities that act like normal human beings. Famous people who can look beyond the fame and realize that they SHOCKER are just people like everyone else. Last month, John was taking photos of the food he eats, mocking the fact that the American public devours celebrity gossip, ANY gossip, even something as trivial as the food that is being eaten by someone famous.

He is incredibly well-spoken; either that, or he has hired a very expensive personal editor and writer (aren’t they on strike?) to tell him what to pound out on his laptop.

Dear John Mayer,

Thank you for the wisdom found in your latest post. You are correct – ‘Douchebag’ is fun to say! The hoodie you’re wearing is dope, too, although I’m not sure I understand the gang sign you’re flashing. Some people might think that it’s the peace sign, which wouldn’t be very ‘gangsta’ of you. May I suggest using the P sign?

It stands for PIZZA, which is much cooler than the two-finger salute. We flash it at people who walk into our pizzeria, and those in ‘the know’ get a buck off, yo.

Best wishes for a successful 2008,


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