Loved or Loathed?

Since adding a Password Protected element to my blog, I’ve had some mixed reactions.

Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had first wrote about it here. It’s funny; Duncan has no idea that we’ve met before. Over the past decade, I had tried (unsuccessfully) to sell him yellow page advertising, then radio advertising, then television advertising, then newspaper advertising… this grumpy guy finally got his name deleted from my “cold call” list.

The Bubble Bloggers are much more intense than I care to deal with, but since I’ve been mentioned a couple of times, I guess I’m an easy link for a Baker connection regarding the refugees that have relocated here. The one guy is pretty hardcore. #2 is still a bit crazy, but makes for an interesting read.

Anyhoo. The authors of these blogs, and others, have emailed me for a password.

I just wonder Why?

I’m a sugar-coated mouth-piece blog, right? I have to watch my tone, my anecdotes, my copy-n-re-pasted jokes.

However, with the Password Protection, I feel like I can speak a bit more freely. I can be honest about interactions with customers, tear-jerker stories, employee woes, and even business stats without the worry of it coming back to smack me in the face. My friends and family can read my #*!@ posts without my inadvertently insulting any customers that stumble across my blog while Googling our restaurant’s name.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The lurkers scared me off. I’ve seen the same local IP addresses over and over again, my neighbors, my customers, other business owners… and I thought to myself – why on earth am I feeding the gossip hens? Most of my life, I’ve lived in small towns. My stints in New Orleans and Los Angeles cannot buffer my upbringing: I know the drill.

I live in a small town, and I need to act like it.

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3 Responses to Loved or Loathed?

  1. Duncan McGeary says:

    Hey, at least I’m consistently grumpy!

    I’ve said no to ALL advertising for probably 20 years.

    I agree, the bubble bloggers are pretty intense.

  2. Duncan McGeary says:

    Ironically, you probably just see yourself as someone who found a nice town and opened your dream business, whereas many of us in Bend are probably watching your experience because they’d like to escape!

    No me, really, but if the Baker City folk see you as a harbinger of things to come, they may not be all wrong.

  3. Jake says:

    The Bubble bloggers are nuts but, sadly, so are the people they talk about (the local real estate community). And Duncan’s right — I think some of us would like to escape. I know I would, but my roots are just too deep here.

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