Wowza. I need to find another me.

Our morning gal called in today; she needed an emergency root canal. So our evening gal showed up to cover the day shift, and had to leave an hour later because she’s feeling under the weather.

So. It was all about me today. Of course, I have a stack of payroll, bills, and other monotonous junk that I’m supposed to have done today — it will have to wait.

I worked the front today from open to close. We did 90% of our sales from 5:00 to 7:00, and I ran about 4 miles in those two hours. We had a great day as far as compliments, too. Two different tables of newbies were raving about the food; one guy even said we were under-priced. His table had 8 people who all ate for under $50 bucks (including beer), and all left full and happy.

Full and happy.

That should be our goal for every customer.

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